Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Flickr Appgarden Violation‏, really?

Today I unexpectedly received the following from Flickr in reference to BloGTK.
The App Garden is a place for software developers to
showcase applications they've created. Because your app
doesn't appear to fit this description it has been set to
Your API key is still active and fully functioning , it's
just not public in the App Garden.
The App Garden is not a place to showcase a personal
website or gallery. Please only publicize app pages for
applications that you have developed and that are related
the Flickr API. You can review the App Garden guidelines
Thank you for your understanding.
Flickr Staff
I hold Flickr in very high regard for their openness, interaction with the community and the great API.  This is also the reason I'm happy to sign up for a pro account vs other services I use heavily (such as Geocaching.com) which are a closed managed community.  So I was surprised to find this note in my inbox this morning which appears to be an automated message or at best the staff member simply hasn't looked at the application before criticising and taking action.


Anonymous said...

To be fair though, does BloGTK actually support Flickr at the moment?!

Graham White said...

The released versions don't. However, the latest development branch has Flickr and Picasa support as contributed through patches by yours truly. I even have permission from a certain large corporate organisation to contribute to the project in my own time.

Anonymous said...

Very good, very good :-)

So a couple of thoughts. First on the Flickr thing, are other blogging clients with Flickr support actually listed on the Appgarden? and since the current visible version of BloGTK on the website doesn't show the Flickr support off in anyway, I guess a quick look might lead to confusion. Secondly... Lotus Connection support would be nice :-) for posting and image upload... hint hint!