Monday, 12 May 2008


I'm sitting here having just started a new blog and wondering whether to write a this is my first post entry or not, cheesy as it may be, here it is...

I've been involved with various blogs over the years but never set one up externally to the company I work for that my overlap with my professional interests. There are, of course, external blogs I've written for including Eight Bar and the blog I write with Beth about our allotment. My personal interests regularly overlap those I have at work, I intentionally use the term professional interests having recently been certified by the British Computer Society as a Chartered IT Professional; I usually describe myself informally at work as A Professional Linux Geek. I currently have some ideas I wanted to write about that don't really fit in any of the places I not-so-regularly write, I hope to log these here and continue to do so in the future.

Picture of GrahamA quick intro to me then. I've already given away I have technical interests and the name of my current employer. I left Exeter University with a degree in Computer Science and Management Science to work at the Hursley location where I established an interest in Linux. This has since been broadened into open source software generally, and open standards and the web. All this has been through a number of interesting positions working in internal support, super computing, and customer facing consulting. I'm currently working for an organisation called Emerging Technology Services that offer great skills to our customers interested in all things new and trendy.

Away from work I like to get out and about. Whether that's playing badminton (I do that a lot), or out with Beth Geocaching, general walking, or working down at our allotment. I like a lot of sports to both play and watch (except football/soccer). I have an interest in music, listening to as much as I get time for and having played the piano since just before I was 5 I think. When all else fails I can usually be found playing the odd computer game on the PC or the Wii, or around the house somewhere doing some DIY.

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